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On the compact HII galaxy UM 408 as seen by GMOS-IFU:

(Lagos et al. 2007) of some compact objects of the air density as a function of elevation.Therefore, a single Gaussian fit to the line

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Hot Brownian carriers in the Langevin picture: Application to

201388- Caughey Thomas mobility modeling is a non linear phenomenological fitting E. Lagos (2014) Hot Brownian carriers in the Langevin picture:

Erratum: Molecular and atomic gas in dust lane early-type

Lagos1,7, Sugata Kaviraj2, Nathan Bourne8, Loretta Dunne8,9, Steve fitting a Gaussian profile in the CLASS package of GILDAS¶, or summing

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The initial mass function and star formation law in the outer

fitting IMF with a power-law slope {\alpha}=-2.85 and upper-mass Bruzzese SM, Meurer GR, Lagos CDP, Elson EC, Werk JK, Blakeslee JP,

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The neutral hydrogen content of galaxies in cosmological

(9) For H i, the fitting parameters are a = 7.982×10−11 cm3smodel (Mo et al 2005; Lagos et al. 2011; Lu et al. 2012, 2013)

Star formation in the outskirts of DDO 154: A top-light IMF

The best-fitting IMF is deficient in high mass stars compared to a R., Lagos, C. D. P., et al. 2018, MNRAS, arXiv:1804.07072

The MUSE 3D view of feedback in a high-metallicity radio

($U$ = 0.018) gives the best overall fit to the complete X-SHOOTER Lagos, PVillar-Martín, MMorais, S. GAlighieri, S. di Serego

Molecular hydrogen abundances of galaxies in the EAGLE

Lagos et al. 2011b; Lagos et al. 2011a; Lagos et al. 2014b; presented fitting functions to their results, which enable the calculation of

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business is conducted on the streets of Lagos, the country economic fitting economic imaginary and this could lead to economic transformation in

Searching for Dental Signals of Exudativory in Galagos

in exudate-feeding galagos relative to galagos that do not consume exudates2006. Bivariate line-fitting methods for allometry. Biol Rev 81:259–291

candidiasis among Nigeria women in tight fitting under

and women who wore panty hose had about threeIn Lagos the prevalence rate of C. albicans infitting under wears is very high and that women

Associating gender with neighbourhood deprivation in Lagos

The individual fit, that is, the fit for each Xi will give an idea ofin Lagos State, Nigeria Table 7: Omnibus Tests of Model Coefficients Chi-


The novel spectral analysis method is based on sine-fitting techniques and GARCÍA LAGOS, FranciscoSANDOVAL HERNÁNDEZ, Francisco

Enhancing a GIS Cellular Automata model of land use change

SVMs avoid over-fitting by choosing a specific hyperplane among the many The model is applied to simulate land use change in Lekki area of Lagos,

lagos c d p

and the cosmic density evolution of HI (Lagos et al. 2011b,a, 2012).This cosmology is very similar to the best fit for the recently released

Studying the Interstellar Medium of H II/BCD Galaxies Using

fitting of linear combinations of single stellar popu- lations (SSP, e.g.Patricio LagosPolychronis PapaderosHindawi Publishing CorporationAdvances in

Sine Fitting Multiharmonic Algorithms Implemented by

200911-Sine Fitting Multiharmonic Algorithms Implemented by Artificial Neural NetworksF. GarciaLagosG. JoyaF. SandovalElsevier B.V.Neurocomputin

lagos c d p

further discussion of our parameter fitting 2005; Barger et al. 2005; Aird et al. 2010 Lagos C (2012) The evolution of active

MUSE 3D Spectroscopy and Kinematics of the GPS Radio Galaxy

and fit both PKS 1934-63 components with Sersic profiles, the residuals Lagos, P. Papaderos, M. Silva, L.S.M. Cardoso, J.M. Gomes 25 20

A proposed reparametrization of gamma distribution for the

It is seen that a gamma probability model shows a good fit to the [22] Valenzuela Mariella., Lagos B., Claret M., Mondaca M., Parra O

llagostera jorge

(4) has two integration constants determined by fitting to the nodes P Llagostera, JorgeFigueiredo, José RJournal of the Brazilian Society of

Tracing kinematic (mis)alignments in CALIFA merging galaxies:

library (Valdes et al. 2004) is fit to each binned spectra using the (Davis et al. 2011; Lagos et al. 2015) leading to the observed strong

resources and dumpsite Leachates in Abule-Egba, Lagos State

collected from distance 0 to 600m from Abule - Egba dumpsite in Lagos.Since retrofitting techniques for existing sites like Abule-Egba dumpsite

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